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Due to the current restrictions set by the Federal Government, all trainings and camps at skills.lab are temporarily suspended. Therefore, we had to cancel all booked trainings. Please follow our social media channels and website for further information about when the trainings and camps will resume. In the meantime: Stay home and stay safe! Your skills.lab team
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How good are your football skills? The skills.lab in Wundschuh provides answers to this question thanks to state-of-the-art high-tech training systems. In a new cooperation with Austria's online football platform, they are now going even one step further: from March 15, 2022, all players will be able to compare themselves objectively and on a central online platform with the help of the skills.lab Score.

At skills.lab Wundschuh, the technical capabilities of football players are measured objectively and in real time. The measurement technology of the skills.lab Arena, the world’s most advanced high-tech training system, makes it possible. In a 30-minute performance check – the Skills Check – players complete a varied program of interactive exercises focusing on passing, finishing, dribbling and overview. Which exercises are completed in the Skills Check depends on the age of the players, making the Skills Check ideally suited for everyone in junior and adult football. The collected results of the Skills Check are then used to calculate a player’s individual skills.lab Score in the style of the video game “FIFA 22”.


The skills.lab Score – briefly explained

The results of all exercises played in the Skills Check are used to calculate the skills.lab Score. The skills.lab Score is an absolute number from 0 to 99 and objectively describes the technical skills of a player. The higher the individual score, the better the basic football skills. Players can therefore see at a glance where their individual strengths and weaknesses lie. The skills.lab Score is made up of six sub-scores for the areas of “Passing”, “Dribbling”, “Shooting”, “Cognition”, “Speed” and “Ball handling”. “For the first time, the skills.lab Score enables football players to objectively compare their own skills with others within their own team, their own league or even within the entire country,” says Stefan Adelmann, Head of Marketing & Operations at skills.lab.

In cooperation with, the skills.lab Scores of the individual players will be made publicly available. For Jochen Kerschenbauer, CEO of, the cooperation opens up new possibilities: “We are very much looking forward to being able to offer our users this great opportunity for comparison on our platform from March 15. We will display the skills.lab Scores exclusively in the respective player profiles on Through the cooperation we can also enable our community via regular voting and betting games to gain great experiences in the skills.lab arena and to earn their own skills.lab Score.”

"We are very much looking forward to being able to offer our users this great opportunity for comparison on our platform from March 15."
Jochen Kerschenbauer, CEO

The hunt for the high score is on

Players of all ages and performance levels can take the Skills Check and receive their own personal skills.lab Score. From March 15, 2022, the skills.lab Scores will be available on and will be continuously updated. If you want to be among the first to see your skills.lab score published on March 15, you can complete your Skills Check now.


As a special incentive, great prizes also await those who achieve the best scores in the Skills Check by March 15. In the categories “kids up to 11 years”, “teenagers from 12 to 14 years” and “adults from 15 years”, the best male and female players will receive a skills.lab voucher worth 100 euros. In cooperation with geomix, all participating players will also be entered into a draw for 2 x 2 tickets to the international match between Austria and France on June 10, 2022. The rest of us won’t miss out either: Until March 15, every Skills Check is 20 euros cheaper with the coupon code “fanat”.


Be there and get your #skillslabscore!