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Skills Check

Skills Check - Image showing an adult player in the skills.lab Arena in Wundschuh
Hard man or noble technician? Show what you can do on the ball and measure yourself against other players in our worldwide unique Skills Check.

Objective performance data

No more excuses: The Skills Check in our skills.lab Arena provides you with detailed statistics on your technical skills. This allows you to objectively compare yourself with other players of your age and performance level.

Improve your game

The Skills Check data gives you great insights into your technical skills. You can clearly see where your strengths lie and where you can still improve. This will give you the foundation to make the most of your potential in the future.
Get your skills.lab score
Your check with stadium atmosphere: The skills.lab Arena is the high-tech stage to prove your skills.

Holistic check

Passing, finishing, dribbling, overview and more are tested in the Skills Check.

Direct comparison

Find out how ell you compare to other players your age or performance level.

For all ages

The Skills Check is available for children, teenagers and adults. Book your appointment now.

Check with fun guarantee

Your skills will be tested in an entertaining way. Fun and football enthusiasm are pre-programmed.

Be the best

Show everyone else that your are the best player! In the ranking, you can measure yourself against others in a head-to-head comparison. Can you make it to the top? Show us your skills and book your appointment right now.