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All trainings suspended
at skills.lab

Due to the current restrictions set by the Federal Government, all trainings and camps at skills.lab are temporarily suspended. Therefore, we had to cancel all booked trainings. Please follow our social media channels and website for further information about when the trainings and camps will resume. In the meantime: Stay home and stay safe! Your skills.lab team

Individual & rehabilitation training

Individual training - Image of a player during a shooting exercise in the skills.lab Arena
Highest training efficiency, full control of the training intensity, and measurable training progress. Individual training in the skills.lab Arena is the perfect addition to the training on the pitch.

High-tech sparring partner

In more than 60 different shooting, passing, and dribbling drills – each with up to five levels - players work on their accuracy, ball handling, speed, and decision making. Advanced measuring technology delivers valuable data and enables measurable progress.
Benefits for clubs and players
With targeted individual and rehabilitation training, players are lead to their maximum level of performance.

Highest efficiency

Fully-automatic ball machines and intelligent ball management guarantee an efficient training.

Measurable progress

Advanced measuring technology delivers objective and transparent performance data.

Personalized trainings

Individual training focus built on objective assessment data of a player’s capabilities.

Variety of exercises

In more than 60 interactive drills, players work on their technical capabilities.

Rehabilitation training

Reduced return-to-play time thanks to carefully designed rehabilitation exercises.

Improved confidence

After injuries, players build trust in motion sequences and rebuild their self-confidence.

Challenging experience

Digital gamification and a competitive atmosphere create a high level of motivation among players.

Perfect conditions

The fully air-conditioned Arena guarantees the best training environment.

Increased efficiency

The skills.lab Arena is optimized for an efficient training. The fully-automatic ball machines and the intelligent ball management system allows the player and coaching staff to fully focus on the training with more than 360 balls played in 60 minutes.

Discover every detail

Efficient goal scoring training without a goalkeeper? No problem for the skills.lab Arena, since there is no supporting players or coaching staff required to execute the training. Coaches are fully focused on their players, discovering every single detail to optimize their skills.

Special rehabilitation trainings

The Arena creates a safe environment for players to train after injuries. By deliberately avoiding or forcing certain motion sequences, the coaching staff is able to create a targeted training program in order to support rehabilitation in the best possible way.

Measurable rehabilitation

The special rehabilitation trainings are used to help recover players in the most efficient way and at the same time provide valuable data to the medical and coaching staff to better determine the perfect comeback time.

Back on the pitch

With football-specific rehabilitation training in the skills.lab Arena, players regain their trust in motion sequences and thereby rebuild their self-confidence. All of this inside a training system that offers the best training conditions throughout the year.
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You would like to learn more about the many benefits of individual and rehabilitation training in the skills.lab Arena? We are happy to answer your questions.