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Due to the current restrictions set by the Federal Government, all trainings and camps at skills.lab are temporarily suspended. Therefore, we had to cancel all booked trainings. Please follow our social media channels and website for further information about when the trainings and camps will resume. In the meantime: Stay home and stay safe! Your skills.lab team

Fairplay with talents

Fairplay mit Talenten 2
Fairness is a key principle in football. With the help of data, it is possible to establish fairness in talent development. They help to scout and assess players and take them to the next level.
Our mission: A fair chance through objective data

Precision by tradition

As a market-leading specialist in measurement technology, we see it as our mission to contribute to fairness in talent development. Because every football player deserves a fair chance. That is why we have developed systems in which we make skills measurable that were previously not measurable. And we work with clubs and associations to help them unlock the full potential of their players.


This starts with identifying talent. With skills.lab systems, clubs and associations can focus specifically on skills and compare players with each other. Whether it’s shooting and passing accuracy, first touch or cognition. In our systems, every talent shows their skills under the same conditions. This means that comparisons can be made objectively and are therefore more fair than in any other system or on the training pitch. That is why the skills.lab systems are an essential support in finding the talents that fit your own philosophy and style.

"The truth when assessing players is always a mixture of data and what you feel and see."
Günter Kreissl - Head of ÖFB Project 12 - Partner of skills.lab since 2022

We make talent development measurable


The technology of skills.lab provides long-term added value in talent development. The possibilities offered by our systems take individual training in football to a new level. As a supplement to team training, every player can improve independently and in a targeted manner. At the same time, meaningful data is recorded through each training session and assessment, which in turn flows into a precise profile of each talent. This makes development visible and measurable. Coaches get an excellent insight into the potential of their players and receive data-based support that leads to better decisions in player development.

"If you want to develop potential, you can’t proceed in the same way as in school, where the same thing is done with everyone. It’s about perceiving and observing in an individualised way, but also measuring adequately."
Prof. Dr. Jan Mayer - Managing Director TSG Hoffenheim - Partner of skills.lab since 2020

Accurate data, precise comparisons


If you track your talents closely based on their individual training performance, you can also turn them into better professionals. Thanks to our systems, a club always has an overview of the development of its individual talents and can make more accurate predictions about the development of individual talents with the help of scientific data analyses. Standardised assessments also allow direct comparisons with the professionals. The data from the skills.lab systems provides a clear answer to the question of which young talent really has what it takes to make the first team.


That is why it is not just a question of financial investment when deciding which path to take in talent development. Given the money that can be achieved through transfers, even in smaller leagues, it is simply a question of faith as to how you want to identify, develop and realise talent. Our partners benefit from objective development data on their players and have sustainably optimised their youth development work. We will continue to follow this path in the development of our systems. Because every talent deserves a fair chance.

"We can't make any mistakes when selecting and developing our players. If we work with the right data, it's easier to predict and support their development."
Jochen Sauer - Head of FC Bayern Campus - Partner of skills.lab since 2020

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