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Open training for adults

Image showing two adult players during an Open Training for adults
Join one of our regular open trainings and experience the most innovative and entertaining football training facility. Open trainings are perfectly suited for players of all performance levels.
Your open training
Open trainings provide an entertaining and engaging physical activity. You can choose from three different formats, based on your needs and your fitness.

Training schedule

Open trainings take place both during the week and at the weekend.

Unique experience

Physical challenge meets digital gamification: Take the challenge!

Interactive sessions

Show off your football skills in entertaining interactive exercises.

Best-price trainings

Open trainings are the best-price alternatives for regular skills.lab trainings.

Professional coaching

All trainings are hosted by our experienced coaches.

Small-group training

Up to three players can participate in each open training.

High intensity training

Enroll for our special HIT training and give all it you’ve got.

First-row seats

Friends and family can watch the training directly from the stand.

Your professional coaching

Our skills.lab coaches are certified and experienced professionals who host your training. They put together an entertaining program and answer all questions first-hand.
Things to know
The Arena is fully air-conditioned which guarantees the best training environment throughout the year.

Your outfit

Bring some comfortable training clothes and a towel to your skills.lab training.


Train at skills.lab with your regular football shoes, indoor shoes, or shoes for artificial turf.

Locker room

Feel free to use our on-site locker room and showers.


Our canteen provides refreshment during and after the training.
Book your open training now!
per Unit
  • "After Work" Training
  • 60 minutes training for adults
  • Small group training (max. 3 players)
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  • Immediate confirmation of your booking
  • Secure online payment or payment on site