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About the skills.lab Wundschuh

Whether you are a hobby footballer, a promising talent or a professional: at skills.lab Wundschuh everyone can prove themselves, compete with the best and develop their game - or simply have fun.

Are you ready for football in a new dimension?

Come to skills.lab Wundschuh, where highly efficient training becomes an interactive experience. Those who want to specifically improve their skills and compare themselves with others are just as much at the right address as all those who simply want to spend a good time with friends and the most beautiful pastime in the world. Only one thing is clear: here you will experience football more intensively than ever before. More training, more action, more fun - or in short: More Football.

The centrepiece: The skills.lab Arena

On 320 square metres of artificial turf, a 360-degree screen and our high-precision ball machines put you in interactive training and game situations. You want to work on your passing quality? Targets appear in front of you that you have to hit. Or would you rather train your goal kicking? A full-size projected football goal is waiting for your shots. We have also developed a special training programme for goalkeepers. You can see how precisely your passes arrive or how hard you shoot after each attempt. With the help of virtual teammates and opponents, you can even playfully test your overview. How does it work exactly?
What we offer in Wundschuh

The skills.lab Arena

The interactive football experience on 320m². For all those who want to improve their game, compare themselves with others or simply have fun.

The skills.lab Cube

Big fun in a small space: Here you can prove your ball skills and fight for the top places on the leaderboard.

The Speedcourt

On our Speedcourt you can show how fast you are. We test your perception and reaction and measure your speed.

Perfect support

Our certified coaches will be happy to show you our systems, answer all your questions and give you feedback on your performance.

Fun and variety for all ages

If you come to us with friends or your club, you can challenge each other and compare your skills. Playful learning and improvement is also the focus of our other two training systems in Wundschuh. The skills.lab Cube is a fast-paced training system where you can prove your ball reception, ball control, passing accuracy and overview in a small space surrounded by LED boards. At the speed court, we let the ball rest for a few minutes and test your perception in combination with your reaction and speed.
This is how you train with us

Free trial training

Anyone coming to the skills.lab in Wundschuh for the first time can get to know our systems in detail and try them out free of charge.

Exclusive training

Here you can determine the duration and content of the training yourself and play alone or together with friends.

Open training

Training sessions for everyone at predefined times, dedicated to specific content such as goal finishing, technique or goalkeeping skills.

Skills Check

Show us your skills and we'll show you in black and white how good you are. The better your skills, the higher your skills.lab score.

FIFA-style proof of performance

You can put yourself to the ultimate performance test with the Skills Check. In a 30-minute session, your technical skills are tested in varied exercises. At the end, your performance is included in the skills.lab score, which you can pick up after the session. This gives you an objective overview of your skills in the areas of "Speed", "Shooting", "Passing", "Dribbling", "Cognition" and "Ball Handling" as well as an overall FIFA-style score. With your skills.lab score, you can compare yourself perfectly with your friends or other players in your age group - and the next time you play, you can immediately see where you have improved.

...or come to party

At skills.lab Wundschuh you can also emulate the stars of the German record champions in a cosy atmosphere. We are happy to turn the fascination of football into an event and offer our premises for your birthday party, bachelor party or corporate event - sporting challenge included.
Now it's your turn!
Fancy getting to know each other, an intensive training session or an unforgettable experience with friends?