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Questions and answers about your visit at skills.lab Wundschuh.
General information on training at skills.lab Wundschuh
Who can play at skills.lab Wundschuh?
The skills.lab in Wundschuh is available to football enthusiasts of all ages and abilities. The skills.lab Arena is suitable for everyone from the age of 7. The skills.lab Cube and our Speedcourt can be tried out by anyone from the age of 5.
From what age can you play at skills.lab Wundschuh?
The skills.lab Arena is suitable for all football-loving girls and boys from the age of 7. Our 16 m² skills.lab Cube and our Speedcourt are available to all football enthusiasts from the age of 5.
How much does a training cost?
It all depends on what kind of training you book. You can find out more about our training courses below. Best of all, if you are training at skills.lab for the first time, you have the opportunity to take part in one of our regular free trial training sessions. First come, first served applies to places on the trial training courses.
Where can I book a training?
You can easily book your training on our website. Simply select your training, choose a date and complete the order. You can pay either by credit card or directly on site.
Can I buy vouchers for the skills.lab Wundschuh?
Yes, you can also order vouchers for the skills.lab on our website. In our webshop, we offer vouchers for our various forms of training. There's sure to be something suitable for everyone.
Can children and adults train together?
Training children and adults together is theoretically possible, but we do not recommend it because the training programmes are tailored to the respective age groups. In addition, size 5 light balls are used up to the age of 14 and size 5 balls are used from the age of 15.
Which shoes can I wear to play in the skills.lab Arena?
The skills.lab Arena is equipped with a high-quality artificial turf. Most players train here with their regular football boots with rubber studs. They offer the best grip, just like artificial turf shoes. Training is also possible with indoor shoes. Only football boots with iron studs must remain outside.
Welche Vorteile bietet das Training in der skills.lab Arena?
The skills.lab Arena is equipped with a high-quality artificial turf. Most players train here with their regular football boots with rubber studs. They offer the best grip, just like artificial turf shoes. Training is also possible with indoor shoes. Training with football boots with iron studs is not permitted.
Are there changing rooms and showers at the skills.lab?
Yes, our changing rooms offer enough space. The best thing is to come to us with your training outfit in your luggage and then change in the changing room at your leisure. After the session, you can treat yourself to a refreshing shower and recharge your batteries. Take a towel and your wash bag with you.
Is there a coach at the training?
Throughout the training, you or your training group will be supervised by one of our certified skills.lab coaches. They will introduce you to the functions of our training systems, explain each exercise and give you direct feedback during your training. Depending on your booked programme, your coach will also be happy to put together an individual training programme with you and is available to answer your questions.
Questions about the training offers at skills.lab Wundschuh
Can I get to know the skills.lab for free?
Yes! Every player can get to know the skills.lab Arena once as part of one of our free trial training sessions. These free trial training sessions take place regularly and are organised for children aged 7 to 11, for young people aged 12 to 14 and for adults aged 15 and over. But hurry up - the places are very much in demand.
What is a Skills Check?
The Skills Check is an objective performance check that is guaranteed to be fun for you. The Skills Check lasts 30 minutes per player. During these 30 minutes, your passing, dribbling and goal shooting skills as well as your overview will be playfully tested. At the end of the skills check, you will receive your individual skills.lab score with which you can objectively compare yourself with all the others in your age group. There is a Skills Check for children aged 7 to 11, a Skills Check for young people aged 12 to 14 and a Skills Check for adults aged 15 and over.
How often should I do a skills check?
We recommend that you do a Skills Check every three to six months. This allows you to document your own development in the best possible way. With the help of your skills.lab score, you can track exactly in which areas you have improved and where your greatest potential lies.
What is an exclusive training?
The motto of the exclusive training is: Your game, your rules. When you book this training, the skills.lab arena is all yours. You decide how long you want to play and whether you prefer to train alone or with friends. Exclusive training for up to four people is possible. Do you have special wishes about which skills you would like to train? Tell us! Our certified coaches will put together your individual programme together with you.
How many players can play in the skills.lab Arena at the same time?
The skills.lab Arena is designed for training a maximum of four people at a time. In exclusive training, you decide yourself how many people should play at the same time per session. In open training, the number of players depends on how many people have booked the date.
For how long should I book an exclusive training?
If you want to play alone, we recommend a training duration of 30 to 60 minutes. For two to four players, a training duration of 60 to 90 minutes is recommended.
What is open training?
In open training, you register for one of our regular training sessions and train with other players in your age group. Children from 7 to 11 can choose from special programmes ("Goalgetter", "Technique Champion" and "Keeper Hero") with different training goals. Youngsters aged 12 to 14 can choose from the "Technique Star" and "Keeper" programmes. Adults aged 15 and over can book a varied group training for up to a maximum of three people.
What is the difference between exclusive training and open training?
In exclusive training, you have full control over your training. You decide who, how many people and what content will be trained. And all this at your personal preferred time. Open training is less expensive, but takes place on set dates and is available to up to four players of your age group.
What offers are there specifically for clubs?
If you want to train with your football club at skills.lab, you can choose from several offers. If you're looking for variety in your daily training routine, the Team Challenge is just the thing. If you want your entire team to be tested for its full leadership ability, then it's best to opt for the Team Check. We also offer special training packages for the winter months and are looking forward to a longer-term cooperation in the form of a partnership. Just ask us about it without any obligation.
Can I also organise a birthday party or a company event at the skills.lab?
No problem! You provide the good mood, we provide the sporting challenge. Depending on the number of participants, we will create your individual challenge in the skills.lab Arena. Refreshments are available in our canteen.
Is it also possible to do goalkeeper training?
Yes! For the most modern football training system in the world, we have also created our own programmes especially for goalkeepers. Together with trained goalkeeper coaches, you can train specific skills for your goalkeeping game. Children and young people also have access to low-cost training programmes explicitly for goalkeepers in the open training programme.
Questions about offers for clubs
Can you also come to skills.lab Wundschuh as a team?
Absolutely! Our offer for teams ranges from a varied Team Challenge, which provides the necessary variety in everyday training, to the Team Check, in which the entire team is tested for its performance, to exclusive and individual partnerships.
Is there the possibility of a partnership?
Yes. For long-term training success, we offer individual cooperation options. Our cooperation packages include performance tests for your teams as well as training packages - all tailored to your goals. Over the duration of the agreed cooperation, we accompany you with detailed analyses of your performance data. As a partner, you will also enjoy other benefits. All this is best discussed in an initial meeting.
Questions about the skills.lab Academy
What is the skills.lab Academy?
The skills.lab Academy is the talent development programme at skills.lab Wundschuh for talented young footballers. Every year, there are three age groups (U10, U11, U12) in which two boys and two girls can be accepted. Who makes it into the skills.lab academy is decided at the scouting days.
Who can take part in the skills.lab Academy?
Girls and boys in the three age groups (under 10, under 11, under 12) can sign up for "Academy Scouting" and have the opportunity to make the leap into the skills.lab Academy.
How do I get into the skills.lab Academy?
If you have registered for the "Academy Scouting", you will be invited by us to complete a 30-minute assessment in the skills.lab Wundschuh. This programme consists of a selection of representative exercises in the skills-lab Arena and enables an objective comparison with other applicants.
When does the next skills.lab Academy start?
The skills.lab Academy 2022/23 runs until 7 July 2023. The next opportunity to register for "Academy Scouting" is in summer 2023.
What does participation in the Scouting Days cost?
The cost of participating in Academy Scouting is 39 euros per participant.
What does the skills.lab Academy cost?
A varied training programme awaits the children and young people who make it to the skills.lab Academy, in addition to the regular training at the club. Training takes place in small groups, and quarterly assessments are also held. Each participant receives an exclusive skills.lab training outfit and, on top of that, there are great events such as a visit to the FC Bayern Campus in Munich, including a tour of the Allianz Arena. All this for the price of 89 euros per month for ten months.
When will the next Scouting Days take place?
The next Academy Scouting will take place in summer 2023. An exact date and all registration information will be announced in due time.
How can I register for the Scouting Days?
Registration for "Academy Scouting" is via the skills.lab website, where you can book a 30-minute appointment for the assessment.

Any more questions?

If you have any further questions, just send us an email at [email protected] or leave us a message via the contact form.
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