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Due to the current restrictions set by the Federal Government, all trainings and camps at skills.lab are temporarily suspended. Therefore, we had to cancel all booked trainings. Please follow our social media channels and website for further information about when the trainings and camps will resume. In the meantime: Stay home and stay safe! Your skills.lab team
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Five benefits of training in the skills.lab Arena
Data as a key to the American dream
Andreas Terler
FC Ingolstadt 04 - Image of a youth team player during a passing exercise in the skills.lab Arena
Train holistically and track your own progress: The skills.lab Arena makes it possible. Thanks to these five advantages, football training reaches a new level.

#1 Identify real potential.

How good am I really? Where are my strengths? Where can I improve? These are questions that every footballer, whether amateur or professional, asks himself or herself at some point. While games or team training sessions only provide limited information about one’s own technical abilities, the training in the skills.lab Arena is different. The unique assessments provide objective and therefore really meaningful data on the technical and cognitive abilities of a footballer. After a session in the skills.lab Arena, everyone gets an overview of what makes them stand out on the ball and where their personal potential lies.


#2 Improve technique efficiently.

On match day, the truth is on the pitch. If you want to train your ball control, overview, decision-making, shooting and passing accuracy as intensively as possible, you have to go to the skills.lab Arena. The specially developed, high-precision ball machines place up to 200 balls in ten minutes with pinpoint accuracy on the 320 square metre artificial turf surface. No ordinary football training can do that. Individually customisable training programmes with different levels of difficulty also make it possible to focus on specific technical skills. From passing and crossing exercises to heading, precise finishing and special training programmes for goalkeepers.

#3 Track measurable progress.

Without regular training there is no success in the game. But only those who know exactly how their own development is progressing can take their qualities to the next level. For this purpose, every skills.lab training session provides a well-founded evaluation that gives concrete information about skills such as speed of action, shooting speed, dribbling strength and precision. Direct comparisons with teammates, players of the same age group or other comparison groups show in black and white how training in the skills.lab Arena pays off. This ensures fairness in the assessment of each player. And provides additional motivation before the next training session.


#4 Improve visual perception playfully.

Whether it’s a pass, a shot or a tackle: every decision starts in the mind. Like the body, the brain also needs regular training to be prepared for all situations on the pitch. Here, too, the skills.lab Arena offers perfect development opportunities thanks to special exercises. In the virtual environment, football and cognitive tasks are combined, resulting in a holistic training in which the focus is particularly on spatial perception. Those who keep an overview here also have a decisive advantage in the match.


#5 Return to play safely.

Every injury takes time. For a quick, but above all safe and controlled way back, special exercises were developed for the skills.lab Arena. They are designed to help you get a better feeling for playing with the ball with every repetition. In the rehabilitation units, certain movement patterns are deliberately avoided or forced. This makes it possible to prevent premature overstraining and to gently regain the necessary confidence in one’s own body. Data from past skills.lab assessments in a fit state also help to approach one’s own full performance capacity step by step – until nothing more stands in the way of a comeback.

Fünf Benefits beim Training in der skills.lab Arena