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Due to the current restrictions set by the Federal Government, all trainings and camps at skills.lab are temporarily suspended. Therefore, we had to cancel all booked trainings. Please follow our social media channels and website for further information about when the trainings and camps will resume. In the meantime: Stay home and stay safe! Your skills.lab team

KIB Sport One Arena opened

Only at first glance does it look like an ordinary training hall. As soon as the virtual stadium shines on the walls and the colourful markings appear on the pitch, it becomes clear: you are in the middle of a high-tech training system. More precisely, in the "KIB Sport One Arena" in Gutenstetten in Bavaria, Germany.

The training system with skills.lab technology was developed in recent months together with the implementation partner Dietzsch Electronic for KIB Sport One GmbH around managing director Falko Weber. The technological gem was created at the club grounds of SV Gutenstetten-Steinachgrund.


The new high-tech training arena now makes it possible to compare talents objectively with each other and also to train them in a targeted manner. In the style of the skills.lab Arena, a wide variety of interactive skill games can also be played in the KIB Sport One Arena – from finishing and passing exercises to dribbling drills. And the best thing for the players? As with all skills.lab training systems, fun is guaranteed in the KIB Sport One Arena.


For Fabian Adelmann, Head of Training Operations at KIB Sport One GmbH, the new training system is another important building block in the successful model: “With the completion of the KIB Sport One Arena, we have created the conditions for high-quality individual and small group training. In the coming months and years, we want to give all players the opportunity to receive training that is individually tailored to them. In addition to the high fun factor that the training system brings, we are able to accompany each training session with the latest measurement and laser technology based on data. This way we create transparency in the player development. With these prerequisites, we want to support clubs in individual training as well as in scouting.”

In addition to the high fun factor that the training system brings, we are able to accompany each training session with the latest measurement and laser technology based on data.
Fabian Adelmann

Versatile technology

Anton Paar SportsTec GmbH once again relies on state-of-the-art measurement and display technology in the KIB Sport One Arena. Project manager Andreas Schwarzl describes the special nature of the task: “The KIB Sport One Arena demonstrates the diverse application possibilities of our skills.lab technology. The special feature of the project is that the new training system was specially adapted to the general conditions of the hall. An important milestone in the development was also that the display in the KIB Sport One Arena as well as the trainings were set up on a modern game engine, which enables a more modern display of the teammates and opponents as well as the stadium environment. ” Schwarzl describes the built-in rebound walls as another special feature of the training system. “While in the skills.lab Arena the ball is passed via state-of-the-art ball machines, in the KIB Sport One Arena the players start with the ball at their feet and get it passed back via rebound walls.”


Schwarzl emphasizes that a feat of strength by the entire team was necessary to be able to implement such a demanding project in a short period of time: “With great effort, we succeeded in developing and implementing new training concepts within a short period of time, which allow exercises with a very high intensity and fun factor.”


World champion glamour

To give the new KIB Sport One Arena a proper welcome, a big opening ceremony was held on 31 July. In several show trainings, visitors were able to watch the youth teams of SV Gutenstetten-Steinachgrund and experience the possibilities of the KIB Sport One Arena up close.


Guest of honour Olaf Thon provided the appropriate world championship glamour. The 1990 FIFA World Champion and 52-time national player took on the Skill Games himself in the KIB Sport One Arena and was able to see first-hand the intensity of the exercises. In an interview with presenter legend Ulli Potofski, Thon underlined the wide range of opportunities that are now available and the great benefits for training talent.


Finally, some great news for all football enthusiasts who are interested in the new high-tech training system: In the future, in addition to the youth teams of SV Gutenstetten-Steinachgrund, all football-loving kids and young people in the region will have the opportunity to train in the KIB Sport One Arena.

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